Innovative Cancer Research

TheraBionic, Inc. is an innovative medical device company focused on transforming the lives of patients with difficult-to-treat cancers by applying our discoveries in bio-electromagnetics to cancer treatment.

TheraBionics is currently in clinical trials with our investigational medical device and experimental treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) and pancreatic cancer.

Cancer in Context

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2020, nearly 10 million people died from cancer.[1] In 2020, Liver cancer accounted for 830,000 deaths, nearly 10% of all cancer deaths.


Cancer treatments have expanded over the past several decades to include not just the traditional methods (surgery and chemotherapy). New innovative therapies are emerging every year. These innovations include biological and radiotherapy targeted to specific patients and types of cancer.

HCC Causes and Diagnosis

There are many causes of HCC. However, 70 to 90% of all HCC patients have liver cirrhosis, which is a condition where the liver has long-term damage that prevents proper function. Studies have found that a cirrhotic liver, which is characterized by chronic inflammation and scar tissue, predisposes patients to develop HCC. Other contributing factors include family history, tobacco use, Hepatitis B and C (worldwide primary cause), diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome.

Whatever the source of the increased risk, patients diagnosed with HCC don’t know they have the disease until it has progressed substantially. Once diagnosed, it is critical to treatment to know how widespread the disease is; this is called “Staging.” Staging usually requires CT, MRI, and bone scans.

What’s next?

While the primary objective is always to cure cancer, unfortunately, that goal hasn’t been reached for many patients. As a result, these patients need treatment to prolong life, improve their quality of life, and enable physicians and patients to find alternatives that address the physical and palliative care needs in terminal stages.

Clinical Study of Systemic, Targeted Treatments

At TheraBionic, we have begun developing an innovative treatment for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC), which accounts for 90% of all liver cancers. Currently, HCC patients’ average survival rates range between 6 and 20 months.



Research and Clinical Trial Sites


The THERABIONIC P1 DEVICE is NOT an FDA-approved device and is for investigational purposes only at this time. Treatment with the device is considered experimental pending clinical trial results and FDA approval in the United States and other regulatory agencies in other countries. 

The device is not available for commercial use.